At our hotel we consider safety of our staff and the guests as our top priority. Our staff are fully trained and informed of the new procedures and how they should put them in place.

If by any chance you contract the symptoms of the Covid-19, let us know straight away, please. We wish you a happy stay with us. We are here and happy to help any time you need us.

We have implemented safety standards and strict hygiene according to world health organisation guidelines.

Surfaces in public area

All the surfaces all over the public area and in the rooms are more often sanitised.

What do we provide?

We provide hand sanitiser all around the property. And musk and gloves if you need.

CHECK-IN procedure

The check in is provided on line and when you are here we will provide you with the sanitised keys and musk and gloves if you need.

BREAKFAST procedures

You will be offered booking time for breakfast with enough distance in between the tables and seats. We will be serving you with the masks and protective gloves. Our table clothes are washed regularly by a professional laundry that does all the laundry of the hotel.

TIDY procedures

We are sorry but for your safety and for our staff safety we will not provide everyday tidy cleaning of the rooms like before . Please if you need anything extra exchanged at your room during your stay, we will do it. If you stay for longer period we will then organise the tidy and exchange the laundry.

CLEANING procedures

To better disinfect and exchange the air in the rooms we are using ozone generator that gives us an extra bit of safety. All the decor bed runners and cushions are removed and exchanged for clean ones in between the guests arrivals. We are rotating the room allocations to carry our deep cleaning procedures between guests, extra time is allocated for more thorough clean of all the surfaces in bedrooms and bathrooms.


Our staff use the PPE for all the duties just as well when serving you at the breakfast. We will measure our staff's temperature every day, and if any symptoms occur, we will put on place the world health organisation guidelines.